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Though Broadway Stages Are Currently Dark, Its Stars Still Make a Difference

A way to help a Broadway singer or musician, all while giving someone else the gift of song; A makeup artists with extra products delivers to frontline workers; and one of the new ways New Yorkers are celebrating graduations: here’s Tuesday’s Acts of Kindness, brought to you by Kristen Shaughnessy.


Popular Beauty Website Adds New Skin Care Category, a leading resource for beauty tips recently added a new category to better serve their visitors interested in all things beauty related. This was implemented upon the urging of the marketing team of Route 72 Systems.​

Instantly Take Years Off Your Face With These 7 Tricks

Growing older is inevitable, but looking older than your years isn’t. While you may be investing in anti-aging moisturizers, expensive eye creams, and dermatology treatments intended to keep you fresh faced, you may be sabotaging yourself with daily beauty habits that are adding years. Makeup artist Louanna Factora of Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge spoke with Yahoo Beauty about easy ways to instantly create a youthful appearance with a few simple changes.

This genius highlighting will make you glisten in under 3-seconds

If you’re like us, you’ve been waiting with bated breath to take out your summer shorts, your shades and your Sade. But if you’re a season pusher like us, you’re wearing clothing or makeup based upon the season in your head. That means for spring, you’re in Bermuda shorts and a tank, oiled up, tanned and ready for the sweatiest season of the year.

Your 10-Minute Makeup Guide to Looking Great on Your Next Zoom Work Call 

We promise not to tell anyone if you attend your next Zoom meeting clad in sweats from the waist down, but if you’ve been trying to cover your dark circles to no avail (but at least you have the cutest Zoom background to impress your coworkers), we’ve found the best Zoom makeup tips for you.

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